March 1, 2018 – Krystal Covington

BHS Speaker March2018

PR for Small Business – This program is designed to support small business owners in understanding the basics of PR. In this course, attendees will learn how to develop a tactical strategy for building their brand influence online and offline and garnering valuable PR coverage for their business in podcasts, television and news articles.

Are you a small business owner with a great business, but just feel you need that extra push to reach more customers?

PR offers a smart strategy for getting your business more exposure. By learning to do your own PR, you can land opportunities to be featured in major platforms without spending lots of money on marketing.

In this workshop we’ll discuss:

– Why PR offers unprecedented ROI for your business

– Easy ways to get connected with news journalists, and other influencers who are looking for stories you have to share

– How to craft a story that’s compelling to journalists

– The key things journalists look for in an expert source and how to build a brand that inspires them to call you

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